The Refined ALPHA

This course starts with you, because that is who you wake up to every day. By refining your self into a man who exudes self-assuredness, you will feel more confident in your decisions, when approaching other, when getting on and living your life. People will notice. You don't need to look perfect, drive the perfect car, have a high-powered job, live in your ideal place, to have unshakeable confidence. You just need to feel proud to be the man you are. This is a step many men don't take the time to refine. No matter what age you are, your career path, your relationship history, you can develop a quiet self-awareness.

Finding your ideal relationship is a result of self-refinement.

Dating is not a race to the finish line. It begins with self-reflection, establishing your own man code and living your life with intent. In becoming a master of your SELF, you will naturally exude confidence. It's not forced or fake. This is when you begin to attract women who compliment your lifestyle because you will have something of value to offer - YOU. Dating stops feeling exhausting and becomes enjoyable.

Your inner Alpha is a self-aware, confident version of your true self.

Every man has an inner Alpha, sometimes it needs cultivating. This course will guide you through techniques, build your skills, and refine your Alpha approach. It all begins with a mindset. Successful dating is the result of refining your inner Alpha. If you simply approach dating like everyone else: put together a profile, sort through countless others, send messages, wait for a reply, hope for a hookup, then you're doing yourself a major disservice. You're not mediocre, stop doing what everyone else is. Everyone can excel far beyond the imposed conditions life throws at us, it takes effort and attention. Don't settle for anything less than your absolute best from yourself, because you deserve it.


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  • Does your social life feel stagnant
  • Need to a boost in confidence?
  • Do you feel out of practice and out of touch with the dating scene?
  • Not sure where or how to meet women?
  • Do you feel like the dating scene is time wasted?
  • Can't figure out why you keep meeting the 'wrong people'?
  • Or, not meeting anyone at all?
  • Unsure how to talk to her and her interested?
  • Are you burned out with conventional dating?
  • Do you want a woman's opinion on how you can improve your self, your dating life, and appeal to more women?


  • Is for men who want to improve their dating life.
  • 6-week foundational program.
  • Includes 6 interactive coaching sessions 1 hour each.
  • Comes with personal email access to your coach.
  • Resources, worksheets, and a customized action plan to cultivate your true Alpha.



Your Masculine Mindset

What kind of man are you when it comes to leadership, relationships, and the way you approach life? If your behaviors do not represent the man you want to be you may feel unsatisfied or stuck in a rut. Confidence, happiness, self-esteem and self-awareness are entirely attainable. By identifying your interests and what you have to offer, we'll turn them into talents that will support the growth of all these.

Your Man Code

We'll look at what inspires you, turns you on, and what doesn't. We'll also examine what's holding you back and address any past relationship baggage. Your values, strengths, and weaknesses all help set your boundaries, hard lines and soft ones - aka your man codes - that will make the entire dating process more manageable and fulfilling.



When you bring her back to you place you'll want to make sure its welcoming if you want her to feel comfortable. It doesn't take a lot of resources but women do pay attention to details. In this module we'll cover the full scope on making sure its inviting for her to stay.


From how to make a few key cocktails to what kind of wine and snacks you should keep on hand, music, lighting, how to dial up your coziness factor, and your sophistication, this module covers it.

Your Sex Drawer

This needs to include more than a few random condoms. Ideally, you'll have more than one TYPE of condom to offer, a toy (or two), lube, oil, a vibrator ... if you want to up your game, you cannot afford to miss the list I've put together.


Your Ideal Date

Who is your perfect partner; what kind of life does she live; what does she do for fun; where is she at in her career? What is important to you in a relationship and what isn't?While some approach relationships by happenstance and let meeting women 'work itself out', to get serious about finding your ideal partner, you need to spend some time answering these questions.


Don't ruin anything you have going on by being too eager, or not eager enough. This is an important step. We'll go over what to say when meeting women, the nuances of conversation, in person, over the phone, when to call, text, and handling rejection.

Your Online Profiles

To attract the women you're interested in, you need a strategy. Design your profiles to reflect the type of woman you want to date. Photos, introduction, online chatting, it all matters. Each site should have a different approach and in this module we'll go over what works and what doesn't.


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What are you looking for in a relationship, what values and qualities fit your life? We'll identify your current masculine strengths, then define where you want to be, and develop an action plan to build your life around your ideal self to attract a relationship that fits.

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You do not have to be a Greek God, in fact, its your imperfections that make you appealing. However, Image, purpose, and lifestyle affects how you feel about your confidence when approaching women. Self-improvement, presentation and individualized style will make you feel as if nothing holds you back.

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Expanding your social orbit provides a means to get out more and live a more engaging and fulfilling life. We'll identify and establish social networking venues, local activities and events, groups and platforms that will provide opportunities to meet people. Plus we'll find the best online platforms that work best for YOU.




$500/month for 3 months





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